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All About Treadmills


  • Overview
  • What can I do on a treadmill
  • How can this benefit my training
  • How much should I spend on a treadmill?
  • Models to consider
  • Conclusion

    This article will look into Treadmill running, and what you may expect to gain through incorporating treadmill running into your training. Many people are familiar with treadmills through exercising at the gym, however, not many people know how to use them to their full potential to improve their training, wellbeing and fitness.


    Most people look at a treadmill and think of monotonous, mind-numbing training. It doesn’t however have to be like this! There are many different sessions and training variations that can be performed especially well on a treadmill. Maximal HR tests, Ramp Fitness Tests, Specifically paced runs, Intervals, Fartlek, to name a few. The key to treadmill running is keeping it varied and using your machine to its full potential. Use a Heart Rate monitor on there to measure your fitness and track your progress, or even track your calories expenditure throughout your sessions. All goals can be achieved through a little imagination when training on a treadmill.


    By incorporating some specific sessions on the treadmill, you can really gain a lot of knowledge about your training/fitness as a whole. You can set specific training sessions and complete them in a very accurate fashion. E.g. 10km Run in 35mins (All you have to do is set the pace and away you go, knowing full well that you are running at the required pace). Alternatively you can set up interval sessions, with differing speeds and inclines in order to increase both Aerobic Fitness and Leg Strength. In essence you could perform a Hill sprint session in the comfort of your own home. This, I have found, is especially useful in the darker winter months, where most good hill routes are poorly lit. It can take a bit of effort to look up sessions and get used to the machine, however it will definitely pay dividends after this has been done.


    Treadmills do come in various forms, with many added extra settings available on different models. Good treadmills tend to start at about £500, and for this you get a sturdy machine that runs both quietly and smoothly. These often come with HR capabilities as well as gradient and speed control. Most will have a display screen allowing you to view your session, allowing you to have close control throughout. From there you reach the £1000 mark. These treadmills are more heavy duty and bring with that a wider range of capabilities including; increased max speed, increased max gradient, smoother running through shock absorption and handy features such as fans and MP3 ports.

    Above this, you reach the more ‘gold standard’ treadmill category. Here you have many features including exceptional smooth, quiet running, twinned with very fast speeds and high incline potential. These usually come with the added features of LCD screens, MP3 ports and fans to keep you cool. These often come with the capability to incorporate Smart Phone Apps to your training, allowing more scientific training, suited to your specific goals.


    There are many brands in the treadmill market that offer very similar things. At PhD Fitness, we aim to offer a range of treadmills for all abilities and budgets. Horizon offer great value treadmills, which possess many added features, but at a reasonable price. ProForm offer reasonably priced treadmills with good features and smooth operation systems. Life Fitness treadmills are more expensive, but are seen as the Gold Standard of treadmill running, offering amazingly smooth running, alongside highly technical features, but still with easy to operate controls.


    So if you are a competitive runner or just someone wanting to lose some body fat, a treadmill could really help you not only achieve, but smash through, your personal goals! Feel free to check out our Treadmill section on the site, or talk to one of our experts.