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Pvl Whey Maxx 4.4Kg

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Why buy Pvl Whey Maxx 4.4Kg?
WheyMaxx is the perfect source for a post-workout amino acid infusion into intensely trained muscles. WheyMaxx custom blend provides quick delivery of amino acids from two different proteins digesting at different rates. allowing work-out recovery to begin immediately to unleash muscle growth. WheyMaxx proteins are sourced from only the highest quality CMF whey concentrates and isolates. and informed athletes will tell you this is exactly what you should look for in a high performance protein powder. CMF whey provides all the essential amino acids. including BCAA's. glutamine. and arginine. leaving WheyMaxx users wanting for nothing. Cool temperature processing of WheyMaxx insures proteins are left undenatured for maximum growth potential. WheyMaxx is further enhanced with the amino liberating ISOZYMETM. raising the digestibility and absorption of WheyMaxx far beyond that of average protein brands. WheyMaxx is perfect for making protein shakes. and even if mixed only in water the great taste of WheyMaxx will surprise you. Like all PVL Nutrients proteins. WheyMaxx mixes instantly just by shaking. with no blender required. For convenience and great taste WheyMaxx is a solid choice every time. Other brands use inferior proteins that just don't mix that well. Your protein needs to be instantized so that it goes into a liquid state so your body can absorb it. WheyMaxx mixes easily into water for maximum uptake. so your hard working muscles get the protein you paid for!

“ This is a great product, one of the best tasting on the market, but cheap enough for most people to afford. ”

Posted by A.Hathaway

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