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Betancourt Creatine Chewies : 120 Chewies

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Why buy Betancourt Creatine Chewies : 120 Chewies?
Bite into the refreshingly new style of creatine defined by Betancourt Nutrition\'s CHEWIES di-Creatine and you\'ll see what we\'re ranting about. Whether you\'re doing push-ups in the middle of a Tokyo subway station, squatting fallen logs in a rainforest in the Congo Basin, or preparing to bench press a seven-foot barbell brimming with forty-five-pound plates, CHEWIES di-Creatine are there to cheer your muscles on with 5000 mg of laboratory-certified di-Creatine Malate that takes action the moment you pop one into your mouth and sink your molars into any one of several chewable fruit-inspired flavors.

Don\'t say you weren\'t warned. Betancourt Nutrition cannot be held responsible for any "addictions" arising from the routine use of CHEWIES di-Creatine. We\'re kidding, of course - partly, anyways. The fact of the matter is that Betancourt\'s food scientists are addicted to good taste. They have styled their proprietary and entirely one-of-a-kind chewable flavor systems with such relentless devotion that elite athletes take poetic license in describing them as "addictively sweet". See if you don\'t agree.

CHEWIES Di-Creatine

    * 5000 mg of lab-certified di-Creatine Malate per serving: This means that the creatine in CHEWIES di-Creatine dissolves in a flash and there\'s no loading required. (Loading is so 1990s.) Also, because malate participates in ATP re-synthesizing pathways, CHEWIES di-Creatine Malate is capable of supporting ATP levels in muscle before, during and after exercise - essentially, whenever you take CHEWIES.
    * Zero sodium: Many bodybuilding supplements are high in sodium. Too much sodium can cause water to "leak" out of your muscle cells, making them shrink (atrophy) and promoting catabolism. This is precisely the opposite of building muscle. When the water leaves your muscle cells, moreover, it can accumulate in the inter-cellular space (i.e. the space in between cells). This can have the effect of making your muscles look "smooth" or "bloated". In other words, you lose muscle definition and hardness. CHEWIES di-Creatine Malate contains no sodium at all, so you don\'t have to worry about this kind of un-cool stuff happening.
    * Pulls water into muscle cells, hydrating them and setting the stage for subsequent mass and strength gains: Here how it works. Creatine attracts water. So when it gets into your muscle cells, it pulls water inside along with it. By definition, this hydrates your muscles and it also promotes biochemical processes (e.g. glycogen and protein synthesis) believed to lead to muscle hypertrophy -the "Holy Grail" of bodybuilding.
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