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BioTest Surge Workout Fuel 1.8kg

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Why buy BioTest Surge Workout Fuel 1.8kg?
• Potentiates glucose transport into muscle!
• Scavengers hydrogen ions to extend anaerobic threshold!
• Combats muscle oxidation (burning) from intense exercise!
• Enhances intracellular electrolyte gradients and water balance to superhydrate working muscles!

Since its inception, Biotest® has been secretly designing and producing not one but two lines of supplements. The first line includes the formulations you\\\'re all familiar with: Metabolic Drive® Proteins, Surge® Recovery, Hot-Rox® Extreme, and others. These are all powerful, very effective supplements, many of which might scare your momma, but they\\\'re our public line.

But the second line of supplements is different. It\\\'s a private line, not available to the general public. For years Biotest® has been producing small batches of custom-made formulas for an elite clientele. These clients include world-class athletes from a variety of professional and Olympic sports, as well as Hollywood actors who must get into phenomenal shape as quickly as possible or lose millions of dollars on their contracts.
For these clients, Biotest® makes custom, no-expenses spared, one-of-a-kind, designer super-supplements.

Now think about that for a minute: We are, in essence, given a blank check to produce the most powerful and effective supplements money can buy. And, we don\\\'t have to worry about the huge costs of marketing, sourcing hard-to-get ingredients, and mass production.
All we have to do is blow away the most exclusive clientele on the planet with the best, most-effective stuff on the planet.
The \"secret\" supplements we\\\'ve been able to produce are, without question, the most effective legal substances ever made. They are shockingly powerful, extraordinarily expensive, and they have never, ever been available to the general public.

The simple reason we\\\'ve never made any of these supplements available is that we assumed they were too expensive for people who didn\\\'t have lucrative sports contracts. However, we now realize that there are plenty of people who want in; who want the very best, price be damned.

Here\\\'s another secret: many of the best strength coaches, bodybuilding coaches, and physique transformation specialists in the world all share one thing in common when an elite client comes to train with them. It\\\'s a simple yet powerful \"trick\" that guarantees their clients will get results.

The thing is, the top coaches, by nature, are in a predicament. They have to make amazing improvements in their clients or they don\\\'t get paid the big bucks, yet they have these clients under their watch for only a couple of hours a week. If these coaches don\\\'t produce jaw-dropping results, then instead of training top athletes and movie stars, they\\\'d have to go back to coddling housewives at the local foo-foofitness center.

So how do they guarantee stunning results? Simple: They give their clients a specific type of supplement, which is mixed right then and there for the client, as soon as they walk into the gym and before they leave it. These coaches can\\\'t control what their athletes do outside the gym, but they can certainly get the right \"stuff\" into their athletes\\\' bodies while they have them. And that makes all the difference in the world.
As you may have guessed, the \"stuff\" used by many of these successful coaches is the main area of focus for our designer supplements. In fact, we\\\'ve been notorious, in the world of elite athletes, for supplying the best-of-the-best formulations in this area for several years. And, we\\\'ve been using their feedback to further refine it.
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