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PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar 12 x 50g

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Why buy PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar 12 x 50g?

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars are an essential when dieting. We all crave chocolate bars every now and then but when you’re dieting, you simply can’t go eating sugary chocolate bars.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar is a healthy alternative. It only contains 177 calories from a 50g bar and only 0.3g of sugar. So that means you can eat these whenever you’re feeling peckish.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar is a high protein bar and nutritionally balanced. It contains 25g of protein, 0.3g of sugar and only 13g of carbohydrates.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar contains some other benefits too! It contains, CLA, Flaxseed, Chromium and L-Carnitine.

CLA is found in most weight management products. It is a simple way to improve your intake of these important fatty acids

Flaxseed is essential for anyone on a diet. It is a fibre. Fibre is normally neglected and it is very useful. It will help with maintaining a healthy digestive system.

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It plays an important role of transporting fatty acids into your cells mitochondria. Mitochondria then helps burn fat stores to create usable energy for our body.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar provides a whole range of benefits to anyone on a diet. It is a whey protein blend so contains protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. This will help keep our body elevated on protein and aminos. It will also keep us fuller for longer.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars come in four delicious flavours. These include Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Cheesecake.


Buy a box, put it on your desk at work or put one in your lunch box. It is perfect for when you’re on the move. It’s a healthy option to a full fat and sugary chocolate bar. Guilty free.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bar is one of PhD Nutrition’s top selling products. It goes along perfect with the PhD Nutrition Diet Whey.

If you’re planning your diet, don’t forget this product in your stack. It will cut all cravings and give you a great source of protein.


“ It's hard to believe that these bars are actually good for you -because of their chewy texture, you feel like you are eating something worthwhile! Great taste, esp. choc orange and fills you up. Must be working! ”

Posted by Nicci

4 Effectiveness
3 Value
3 Look
4 Ease of Use
5 Quality
5 Taste
Overall rating:

“ The best tasting protein bars I have ever tried. Great value for money and they keep me filled up. I have only tried the chocolate cookie flavour but I would definitely recommend them. ”

Posted by Stuart

5 Effectiveness
5 Value
4 Look
5 Ease of Use
5 Quality
4 Taste
Overall rating:

“ A great bar in every way, I have only had Choc Orange but look forward to trying the others ”

Posted by Heidi

5 Effectiveness
5 Value
5 Look
5 Ease of Use
5 Quality
5 Taste
Overall rating:

“ I've tried many low carb bars. These are the best tasting and have the lowest carbs. For what equates to 1.10 a bar you also get CLA, L-Carnitine, Flaxseed and Green tea thrown in. Also there is no laxative effect with these that you get with others ”

Posted by Maccad

5 Effectiveness
5 Value
5 Look
5 Ease of Use
5 Quality
5 Taste
Overall rating:
Ask a Question
How would you compare these to the maximuscle bars, as there is a significant difference in price?
Dear Ben, I would rate these higher than maximuscles actually, with maximuscle bars you are paying for the name. They will also aid fat loss a lot better. Kind Regards Dave

Are these bars gluten free? which would work better being taken along side these bars? PHD lean degree caps or the softgel caps?
Hi Ali Unfortunately i can't tell you if they are gluten free i suggest you contact the manufacturer PHD nutrition . Both lean degree tabs will work fine as a dietry supplement

Could you tell me when you get chocolate cookie and chocolate orange back in stock? Thanks
Hi Frances, they are back in stock now. Regards, mikael phd

I recently purchased a box of the Chocolate Cookie flavoured bars and was both suprised and disappointed to see that each bar contains 2.6g of saturated fats. Is this not counter-productive?
Dear Me, Can you elaborate on the term counter-productive? The fats in it are minimal compared to all other bars. Dave

Can you post the full nutritional break down of these bars pleas? Thanks
Hi Joy Thanks for your question. The nutritional information has now been added to the product page, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Regards Rich

Hi, are the bars suitable for vegetarians or do they contain gelatin? Thanks, Rachael
Hi Rachael Thanks for your question These bars contain milk and gelatine so depending on what level vegetarian you are. Regards Rich

Hi - looking to lose weight for Big occasion what combination of bars & diet whey shakes is best on a daily basis? Thanks
Hi Tricia, losing weight begins and ends with hard work and eating clean. We recommend you try to eat small meals every two to three hours. PhD's Diet Whey is great to use instead of snacking and is even useful for staving off sweet cravings. Diet Whey can be used throughout the day as and when necessary to suit your needs. Diet Whey bars contain around 180 calories per bar which is good. I always advise that these supplements will be much more effective providing your food intake is good and you are exercising too. Hope this has been useful? Thanks, Jamie, team PhD.

Hi, I am interested in buying the pack of 12 but do you not offer mix & match on flavors as I would like to have 6 of Choco Cookies and 6 Choco Orange. Really Appreciate. Many Thanks. Abhi
Hi Abhi, No, unfortunately we don't offer mix and match flavours but I can assure you that the range of Diet Whey bars taste great! I recommend you start by trying the choc cookies flavour first. If you then would prefer a change then try the choc orange. Thank you for your question. Jamie, team PhD