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PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ 2.27kg

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Why buy PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ 2.27kg?

The PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ is a great tasting whey protein complex supplement, formulated to help improve nutrition and training.

Protein is the key building block in muscle growth and the PhD Pharma Whey powder utilises a premium hydrolysed whey protein isolate - Creating a fast-acting protein shake, providing even quicker recovery from training.

The PhD Pharma Whey HT+ also supports muscle recovery and contains over 4.2g of BCAAs per serving and 3.3g of peptide bonded L-Glutamine.

PhD’s Pharma Whey HT muscle build shake recognises the importance of these vital amino acids and have also added PepForm® (peptide bonded) L-Leucine to create a superior, high protein formula.

The PhD Pharma Whey HT powder combines a digestive enzyme and pro-biotic culture to aid digestion, ensuring the protein is delivered quickly to the muscles.

Protein is the key building block in muscle growth and the PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ shake provides premium quality whey isolate; one of the purest forms of whey protein available, containing the least amount of naturally occurring fats and carbohydrates.

Available in delicious Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut. As well as the mouth-watering Strawberry Crème, Banana and Vanilla Crème flavours. 

Each serving contains 18.6g of protein and contains only 1g of sugar. This means it can be taken throughout the day at anymore.  It only contains 98 calories too.

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT is popular with athletes. This is because it has the ability to be very rapidly digested and help return post workout body back from a catabolic state (muscle wasting) to an anabolic state (muscle building).

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT contains L-Glutamine. This is found in our muscles. It is then distributed to our organs by blood. This can help with preventing us going into a catabolic state (muscle wasting).

The same happens with Leucine. Leucine is known as the main amino as this is the most prominent amino acid. Helping to also prevent a catabolic state and helping with protein synthesis.

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT is an extremely versatile whey protein product. This can be used in the morning to help with protein intake. It can also be used through the day and also as a post workout shake.

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT is one of PhD Nutrition’s best sellers. This is down to the ingredients used and the flavourings.


“ I've been consuming ON 100% Whey for 6 months but back on PhD due to lower price.Firstly the taste is so much more satisfying, by far the best tasting protein alongside Gaspari Myosusion. It has all the necessary BCAA's and digestive enzymes. ”

Posted by Spike R

4 Effectiveness
4 Value
4 Look
5 Quality
5 Taste
4 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ I would love to write a glowing review about this product and the service I received, but I am still waiting for my delivery! Free delivery, but 10 days later and they still don't know when it will arrive. PAY MORE ELSEWHERE, DON'T ORDER FROM HERE!! ”

Posted by Matt Richardson

1 Effectiveness
1 Value
1 Look
1 Quality
1 Taste
1 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ Bought the Vanilla with PHD Wired pre-workout formula as a bundle. Tastes amazing, normally I feel sick from Vanilla shakes but this tastes great & is really smooth. BCAA's & Glutamine are a good bonus too, and on a low-carb cutting diet, it's great ”

Posted by Richard

5 Effectiveness
5 Value
5 Look
5 Quality
5 Taste
5 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ Slightly more expensive compared to similar products. Recovery is greatly improved and very easy to digest. Bought choc cookies flavour, mixed with water and tastes good. No side effects and quick results. Shipping from phd fitness, 1st class! Thanks ”

Posted by Rod

5 Effectiveness
4 Value
5 Look
5 Quality
4 Taste
5 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ A great product despite the serious price increase since the last PHD Phamra whey. Mixes really well and tastes great. Shipping arrived the next day although it did cost me a fiver.. Will now just have to wait and see if there are any results... ”

Posted by L

4 Effectiveness
3 Value
5 Look
5 Quality
5 Taste
5 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ Bought strawberry but does not taste nice, has little seeds in the powder and doesnt mix to well with water taste is not too good would not recommend strawberry ”

Posted by A

5 Effectiveness
4 Value
1 Look
1 Quality
1 Taste
1 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ Love this... Outstanding customer service, ordered 7.30am yesterday and its arrived.. I will never buy from shop again, Thank you soooo much!!!! And amazing price x ”

Posted by Dawn

5 Effectiveness
5 Value
4 Look
5 Quality
5 Taste
5 Mixability
Overall rating:

“ Received Banana flavor with in a day of order. The taste is good, little extra sweetened. This product is well designed. There is a right mixture of ingredients. I really feel charged up by using it pre and post work-outs. ”

Posted by Umer Mukhtar

4 Effectiveness
5 Value
5 Look
4 Quality
4 Taste
4 Mixability
Overall rating:
Ask a Question
What happened to the multibuy deals?
Dear Muhammed, The site has taken of the shipping charges and reduced the prices of all products to equal the cheapest on the webiste, which is the reason why the margins are now sto tight to offer multibuy deals. Dave

I am just about to start takining this shake but i am on chlordiazepoxide tablets and venlafaxine tablets is there any problems taking this shake along with this medication
Dear Colin, I would really go to see the GP before taking the product. I have never heard of or used them medications and i dont know what they are used for so i wouldnt like to advise. Sorry. Dave

How many super servings sould you be having a day? For best results
Hello Daniel, This totally depends on your goal and amount and where the calories you are eating are coming from in relation to your BMR. As a general guide for e.g. lean muscle I would use 2-3 servings daily, even on none training days. Best regards Chris Brodie

You dont seem to provide the nutritional information here which is odd. I need to purcase whey protein powder for weight loss, not muscle gain. So i need to know the calorie, fat, carb & sugar count per serving. I am looking for a product under 100 cal/serving with less than 2gms fat and ZERO sugar. THanks
Hi Tamara Look at the diet whey by Phd Regards Mikael Phd

How many servings do you get in this tub? cheers.
Hi Jack Many thanks for your enquiry. There are 90 servings in the Pharma whey HT Kind Regards Katie

I go to the gym 4/5 times a week doing a mixture of cardio and weights and am looking to increase muscle definition and reduce my bmi but not bulk up. Would this product be suitable for me or is there an alternative that you would recommend?
Hi Sarah Yea this is a product that will give you the results you need it is a low calorie and low carb high protein supplement Regards Mikael Phd

Hi im looking to gain muscle size wich one of your products would you recomand would be the best to use for this purpos
Dear Ali, I would maybe look at the PhD Synergy or even the USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic for this. Both of these products would offer a little bit more than just a standard weight gainer. Dave

Hi i'm a 15 year old rugby player, 6 ft 2 and around 85 kg. i weight train 3 times a week and do some sort of cardio every day. aswell as matches and training. i am looking to bulk up and gain strenght and power without adding any fat. i am currently taking a whey protein twice a day but was thinking of getting phd pharma whey and use that every morning then phd synergy iso7 before training, phd recovery 2:1 after training and phd blend before bed would this be ok? also what is the difference between this product and the original pharma whey? cheers.
Hi michael Yes that would be an ideal way of taking the 3 different supplements Regards Mikael phd

Hi im looking for a protein shake that will help me with my weight loss. As i dont eat meat the trainer from the gym advised me that it would help with cravings and i would feel more satisfied. however i dont want one loaded with caffine which keeps me awake..any suggestions? thanks, cheryl.
Hi Cheryl This product is caffein free Regards

Hello, can these shakes be premixed the night before or in the morning and used later on in the same day?
Hi Tony. That's what I do! Just don't leave it too long. Regards

I am looking to tone up and want some protein for after work outs. I am unsure whether to get this protein or the diet one. What is the difference and what would be most effective? Thanks
Hi Kerry. The diet whey is a low cal meal replacement and the pharma whey is a protein blend. Personally I'd go with pharma whey as it has other nutrients in too! Regards

Hi does this product have the same nutrition in all flavours also im tryin to tone up and look bulky will this product be an good i weight train 5 times a week and swim everyday in the mornin thanks
Hi Josh, The nutritional value is very similar it does vary however the difference is not worth "worrying" about. If you are having it post workout make sure that you have the Whey with some fruit or other simple carbohydrate so that your body will process the protein effectively and replace the energy that you have expended during your workouts. Regards Luke.

In uk free delivery
Dear Imran, Yes we offer a free delivery for UK mainland. Dave

Hi i want to ask it is pure vegetarian ? and i am taking whey protein but i am not satisfied with the weight gain is it good for weight gain?
Hi Naseer, pharma whey is not specific for weight gain, you should look at getting pharma gain also vegetarian. regards, Mikael

How many grams of protein per 25g serving? Surely this should be included in product description?

Based on 2 servings per day, can i take it 40 mins before exercise and the second one immediately after the gym? If theres a better way to take those 2 servings please inform me. thank you.
Hi John This is best used first thing in the morning and then post workout. thanks Yours in health Mo Giaffar

Hi wanting to gain muscle size but also lose the fat across my abs what would you recommend using was thinking of using pharma stacked with lean degree or would I be better using the likes of synergy I will be doing a mixture of weighted work and cardio
Dear Carlton, Personally i would look at the Synergy plus Lean degree deal for your goals. Dave

I am Coeliac, so have a Gluten free diet. please could you confirm which (if any) PHD supplements are Gluten free. I am most interested in Pharma Whey and Synergy ISO 7. Many thanks
Hi Gary I dont think that Pharma Whey contains gluten but it has been made in a factory which handles gluten products, i would reccomend contacting PhD directly to confirm Regards Rich

Is the free blender cup the PhD branded one or another brand?
Hi it does depend on which the warehouse have allocated to the tubs, but they are usually the PhD Blender Bottles. Thank you. Suzie

I go to the Gym 3 times a week and do weights I also do a 5k run once a week my goal is to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass is this the right product for and how should i take it for the best results
Hi Kris i would reccomend PhD Diet Whey taken 3 times a day, this will reduce bodyfat better than Pharma Whey Regards Rich

Hi, i'm joining the Royal Marines, and i need to Bulk up as well has get fit. Does this product do this?
Hi alex Yes this product will help with that as long as your training is well suited Regards Rich

Whats the best phd supplement for stripping and putting on muscle mass?
Hi Nick i would reccomend taking the PhD Diet Whey as this is an excellent fat burning supplement, you could combine this with synergy iso-7 to help with muscle gain aswell Regards Rich

Phd whey protein, would this help me loose weight.. Or would will. I do train 5 times a week but I'm wanting to shift 1 stone
Hi Jess if you want to lose weight then you must be undertaking cardio vascular excericse and ensuring you are in a calorie deficit with you diet a supplement to help would be PhD Diet Whey Regards Rich

Is it ok to use you pharma whey proatein whilst takinh MOAI anti depressants. I have to have a low tyramine diet.
Hi Martin I cant see why not but i would speak to your GP about this as they will be able to give you a definitive answer Regards Rich

How many servings are in the tub
Hi Alex There are 90 servings per tub Regards Rich

I plan on alternating weights and cardio days. Should I be taking pharma whey on days I'm not lifting weights? If so how much?
Hi Ben You can take pharma whey HT+ everyday whether ou are training or not, the amount depends on your daily macronutrient requirement Regards Rich

I have recently started weight training and running. I would like to build muscle mass and tone up my stomach area. Will taking this product help build muscle mass while I also do my running to lose and fat in stomach area?
Hi Kay Thanks for your question. This is a whey protein which can help with lean muscle gains, another product which i would highly reccomend for these goals would be the PhD Synergy iso-7 Regards Rich

Hi I was wondering if you would do a deal as I'm looking for between 10 15 tubs of the pharma whey thanks
Hi Alan Please call the office on 01482 606022 Regards Rich

Hello, what's the difference between Pharma Whey HT+ and PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey? I'm looking for a post workout shake to help lean muscle growth but not getting bulky or gaining weight. What would you recommend? Thanks
Hi Ingrid, thank you for your question, The pharma whey has been discontinued the HT+ is the new version and this is a pure whey product with low carbs so you won't get bulky or gain alot of weight. Kind Regards Liam

Hi Gary, There is a seal under the lid which you must remove to get to the product. Regards

Would this protien help me tone and bulk up I don't want to add anymore weight or should I do for the deit one and shall I only tale once in the morning and after my workout
Hi Lewis, This product would be fine! It will help you recover and will meet your needs. Regards, LT

Hello I was wondering what would be the best protien for me as I would like to get toned and bulk up abit but not put any fat on or excess wieght and I was wondering how many times I would have to take it a day
Hi Lewis, Diet whey for a meal replacement. Synergy for POST workout. Regards, LT

Hi there, I bought this product and used it for the first time today as soon as I woke up and then went to the gym, while at the gym I started to fill a burning secession on my belly that lasted for 2h30m and only stopped after I had lunch, I would like to ask if it is normal or if it is my body just getting used to the product since I never used any of this kind of products before. Thanks in advance.
Hi Luis, It may be because of the exercise you did, I am not sure. You may have to check if you are lactose intollerant, although it may be worth seeing if that happens if you workout without the product. Regards, LT

Will this product build muscle provided i train propperly ?
Hi George, Yes it will, it's a quality protein designed to build muscle/ encourage repair. Regards, LT

Hi Looking for some help... I am looking to tone up. For the last five weeks I have been on a diet and have introduced jogging everyday. I have lost nearly 2 stone in these five weeks. Now though Im wanting to hit the gym hard most evenings and tone up for the summer. I am 6ft 4in and now weigh around 14 stone 10 pounds. Could you recommend me products to assist me in my efforts? Many Thanks Chris
Hi Chris, Diet whey and lean degree is a great 'stack' as well as a good pre workout product such as n.o. xplode or V max pump. Regards

This phd protein what is the percentage of protein per 100 grammar of powder
Hi Wayne, This is 74% protein. Regards LT

When will you be getting more stock in of phd pharma whey chocolate cookie flavour?
Hi hopefully this should be available later today or Monday at the latest. Please keep checking the site, as soon as it is available it will show on the site. Thank you, Suzie

Just a quick one. Do you take off VAT to orders to Guernsey in the Channel islands? Cheers, Jamie.
Hi Jamie, This item doesn't include VAT but on vatable items we don't take off the VAT for Guernsey Unfortunately. Kind regards Liam

I am back in the gym after a few years off, what would be the best product to aid recovery and growth .
Hi Richard, The PhD Synergy! Regards, LT

Hi, I train 5 days a week looking to tone down and rip what would be the best to use and how many times a day should I take it?
Hi Dan, You should use this before and after training with carbs such as fruit. Or with a meal for example. Regards, LT

For ever 2kg of powder how much litres of container space would I need since I put my protein into jars.. Thanks
Dear M.upton, Unfortunately i dont have that information to hand nor can i work it out for you. Dave

Hi am trying to bulk up and see more definition in my muscles is this the best one for me
Hi David, This will certainly, help....muscle definition is revealed by lowering BF levels and/or increasing muscle size. So also bear that in mind whilst taking your supplements and dieting. Regards, LT

If i buy two tubs on multi buy do i get to pick two different flavours
Hi thank you for contacting us, yes just select for example one chocolate and then one strawberry and the multi buy price will calculate automatically in the basket. I hope this helps. Thank you, Suzie.

I have broken my leg and have just started mobility exercises after coming out of plaster. Most of the muscle in my leg has gone to waste. Are there any products you would recommend to help me recover my muscle?
Hi Gareth A basic whey protein can certainly help, along with stimulating the muscle of course. The best exercises to start with would be leg extentions as they are safe and easy to use light weights. Regards

I have recently been taking diet whey to loose weight but also i would like to become more musculare, i was thinking of changing to this product would it be suitable to take to gain muscle but not to gain fat?
Hi Connor. What you are currently doing is fine. Pre/ Post workout nutrition is important when training so ensure you take something like Synergy or PhD Recovery 2:1 post workout. Regards

Training hard boot camps n weights x3 a week and insanity x6 days a week, don't want to loose weight just want more definition and muscle recovery. Have used this and diet whey before what's best???
Hello Gail, Thank you for your question. I would recommend the pharma whey over the diet whey in this instance as you aren't looking to lose extra weight. However with the amount of training you are doing, it may be useful to have some carbs in your shake too. I would suggest the PhD Synergy, as you are getting your protein and carbs in there, so will have more energy for your large training load. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD

Is this product Gluten Free? I'm aware it's manufactured in a factory that handles Gluten, but does the recipe contain it? Some proteins contain Glutamine Peptides derived from Wheat Gluten but L-Glutamine is not derived from Wheat. What about the other ingredients?
Hi Ritch. Yes, this product is gluten free. Hope this helps!

Why has this shot up in price? Nearly £10 more expensive than last time I ordered it end of February '13
Hello Shaun, Thanks for your question. The February price was an offer we had going at that point as far as I'm aware. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD

Hi, I just bought 2 tubs of PHD DIET WHEY from you and have been using the DIET WHEY for 1 week but i havent been replacing my meals. I have been taking 25g 1 hour before gym at 6 in the morning with a bowl of cereal and a double 50g straight after1.5 hour gym sess. having lunch and mid afternoon taking 25g again. then having dinner at 6pm. Am I doing it wrong? Thanks in advance
Hello Chris, If you are using diet whey to reduce body fat, then you may want to use it between your meals as a healthy snack, as well as post workout. Alternatively you can use this as a meal replacement. The main focus should be on your diet, limiting your intake to bring about fat loss. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD

How come the prices have increased so much in 2 months? In Feb I paid £36.44 each for 2, now they are £44.99?!
Hello Niki, PhD did a special that month allowing us to give a really great price. Unfortunately it was only for a limited time. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD Fitness

Hi, I am bit confused with PhD Pharma Whey HT+, Phd Diet Whey or just impact Whey isolates I am trying to build lean muscles without adding any body fat. In fact, my body fat is about 18% and so I would prefer to loose some and also build lean muscles and not go huge. Could you please advise which product will be more beneficial for me - PhD Pharma Whey HT+, Phd Diet Whey. Thanks
Hello Abhi, The Diet Whey would be a good option as you can use this as a meal replacement or as a snack between meals if you are going to be eating little and often. It has fat loss ingredients added to it such as CLA, L-Carnitine and Green Tea. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD

Hi! I'm a 32yo man, 5 ft 3 tall, 121 lb (around 55 kg) and 8.50% body fat. I'm kinda slim but with a rounded belly (not that big but I'd like to get rid of it). I work out at gym three days a week (some cardio, weights and so on). My goal is to gain some weight and muscle mass, just not up to the point of bodybuilding. A friend recommended me this Pharma Whey to further improve my results. I'd like to know if this is the best choice for my goals or if there's a better product for me (Diet Whey, Synergy Iso…). Regards!
Hello Javier, I would recommend this product too if you are looking to get rid of your belly fat. However I would stack this with a creatine supplement in order to help gain some more muscle mass. This is basically a fuel that your body uses to perform anaerobic activity such as lifting weights. Yours in health, Mark Harrison PhD

I am 6ft 9 and weigh just over 20stoneI am looking at taking 3 servings of pharma whey ht on non training days and on training days synergy iso 7 in morning and then an hour before training followed by phd recovery straight after workout.I train twice weekly for about an hour.I am looking to gain muscle but lose fat around stomach.Would you suggest I am taking the rightprotein?
Hi Martin, It takes a very long time to build muscle and lose fat! To get better results, I would make a commitment to either building lean muscle or focus on losing body fat. Both require each meal to be taken every 2-3 hours, high in protein, little and often. PhD Pharma Whey is suitable for both. Recovery is a fantastic product, especially if you are an endurance athlete burning lots of calories. I would up your training intensity and the amount of days you are training. Train at least 4 times per week if possible. For dropping body fat, the best results come from a clean, consistent diet and very hard work. The same applies to building muscle tissue. It can be done but it requires playing the slow game and being very commited. Try the Pharma Whey to begin with as it it can be used many times throughout the day. Thank you. Jamie, team PhD.

Can i take amino 1500 with this product?
Hi, BCAA's are suitable to be stacked with this product for sure. Thanks, Jamie. Team PhD.

Hi, I've just re-ordered the chocolate cookie flavoured pharma whey ht+, and it tastes completely different than I expected now. Has something changed?
Hi, PhD have recently changed the formula slightly which would explain the change in flavour. Thanks, Jamie. Team PhD